Mission of HOPE started in 2017 with our first event taking place in August of 2018. It started with the dream of bringing the community together to bring HOPE to families in our local area. We want every child to start the school year off with the confidence they need to succeed. We want them to believe that no matter what their circumstances may be, that there are people who care about them. Giving a child HOPE can make the world of difference.

Every year Mission of HOPE has helps over 650 kids representing over 400 families to start school with the confidence and HOPE they need right here in our local communities. The average attendance of MOH is 2000-2300 people.

Through local businesses, organizations, churches and individuals in our communities we raise the funds each year to be able to give away: NEW School Shoes, Backpacks, School Supplies, Hygiene Products, Diapers, Household Supplies, Books, Eye Screenings, Family Photo's and MORE!
The continued goal is to help every man, woman, and child know that they are important and that there is hope available to them. This is not just a day of “free” hand outs, but rather a day of dignity in helping every man, woman and child have a hand up, knowing that this community wants to see them succeed.

Mission of HOPE 2024 will take place at the U.P. State Fairgrounds at the Ruth Butler Building Sunday August 4th from 3-5pm.

Above and beyond what matters to us is that the HOPE we help bring will eventually lead them to the GREAT HOPE we all need.

We want to love our community so loud, that they can't help but to seek out where that kind of love comes from.
We know it will be on that journey that they find Jesus.

Mission of HOPE has NO prerequisites. Anyone who is need is welcome to come. There is no bait and switch.
We just serve, care for and give out FREE HOPE.