The church at the Mall. We have our own entrance right down from Dunham's Sports

A place to call home.
Join us Sunday at 10:00 am with Full Kids Ministry

Extra parking is at Hobby Lobby, and there is a shuttle ride that takes you over to church

Midweek Ministry Wednesday 6:30 pm

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What if the church was supposed to be different?
We get it. So many people have either been burned out by a church or burned by a church.
This was never what Jesus intended.
Being part of the church means one thing. We all believe in Jesus.
That's it. That's the only criteria.
At Wellspring we set aside all the noise, study the Scriptures from the perspective of wanting to be like Jesus, and focus on loving our neighbors like He does.

a place for everyone

The church isn't a museum to check out all of the amazing things that used to be.

The church isn't a gas station just there so people can get a fill up once a week and keep going through life.

The church gathers on Sunday in the "locker room". Where the team gets equipped, gets challenged, gets pumped up and then gets sent out. We get to be the church in all of the spaces where we live, work and play.

Recent messages

You can watch / download the audio or video to any of our messages. They are also available on the Wellspring App (search wcc 906) or on our facebook page as well. 

what to expect ON SUNDAY

On Sunday Worship lasts about an hour. Give or take a smidge.
Sunday's have something for everyone. Come dressed how you like. There are are no dress codes or expectations.
Nursery through 5th grade ministries take place during the 10:45 Worship hour. We use the GROW curriculum which completely draws in the kids and saturates them with the good news of JESUS! Students and Adults are in the Worship Center with Jesus focused worship music and a message that everyone can understand. Messages are challenging for those who know Jesus and encouraging for those who just want to know about Him. WCC is a place for everyone.

Everyone is invited.
We believe that advancing God’s Kingdom doesn't come through new ways of doing church, but through the ancient way. When Jesus was here, everywhere He went people heard and saw the good news. It didn't matter what their lives had looked like or currently looked like. The only thing that mattered is that they were now with Jesus. We all have a past, a last night, that one issue, those many issues, etc... The greatest thing about Jesus is that He knows them all and still just says,

We go.
Mission of HOPE, GLOW RUN, MOH Operation Christmas etc, Community Turkey Drive... are just a few of the examples of how we partner with the community we love.
Jesus made his love tangible to the people around Him. Our heart is to be like Him. Doing things with the passion to make others ask the question, WHY?
As they search for that answer, we know they will find that Jesus has always been right there.

We want you to enjoy Jesus.
Ever have a meal you just had to tell all of your friends and neighbors about? You did that because you enjoyed it so much. This is how we want you to feel about Jesus. To see him for who he is and all that he has done. Knowing all that he did was for you out of an overwhelming abundance of LOVE.

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The greatest realization that any of us can come to is that JESUS CAME TO SAVE.

where is wellspring?

Located at the Delta Plaza Mall.
Come to the entrance across from Aldi's by Dunhams. You will see us right in the corner with our own entrance in.